Guess the headline

Here is a series of events that happened in Afghanistan:

  • U.S. troops were searching a compound early on Friday when Taleban fighters opened fire and threw several grenades.
  • Two children died when a suicide bomber approaching an Afghan military compound blew himself up prematurely.
  • The bodies of a woman and child were found in a building that coalition forces destroyed because it was a Taleban hideout.
  • The coalition forces accused the Taleban of putting innocent people in danger by hiding among them.

Now which of the following do you think is the headline of this BBC News article?

a) U.S. troop wounded in grenade attack
b) Suicide bomber claims two child victims
c) Civilians die in Afghanistan raid
d) Taleban uses human shields

Answer here.


~ by Joshing on October 5, 2007.

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