Is this blethical?

Check out this hi-larious comment on The Marmot’s Hole from reader Austin:

How to give a Korean Nationalist an orgasm..

Yes, Korean is Scientific
Yes, I love Kimchi

Oh Oh Yes Yes!!

Yes, Koreans are kind to Foreigners
Yes, you are superior because you have 5000 years of history
Yes, the sky is bluer in Korea

Oh Oh , don’t stop please, Oh Baby!

Yes, Hangul is the greatest alphabet in the world
Yes, Korean products are the best in the world
Yes, Koreans are the most internet savvy people in the world

I’m coming I’m coming just a bit more!!!

Yes, Korean rice is the best in the world
Yes, Korean beef is the best in the world

Did the earth move for you too!!!

Pokes the holes in all the fictions that some Koreans have been telling themselves for ages about their nation’s superiority. I guess as a Scientific American this kind of nationalism is just inherently dumb, because its conclusion (our country is great) precedes the evidence. Not that Korea’s not great, but it’s not great for any of these flimsy reasons, just like the U.S. isn’t great because it’s the world’s first modern democracy or because it was ordained by God.


~ by Joshing on May 19, 2007.

One Response to “Is this blethical?”

  1. Damn you and your science, Joe.

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