From Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse . . .

I just saw an ad for “For Your Consideration” recently come out on video and it said “From Christopher Guest, the director of Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, and A Mighty Wind . . .”. Is there any chance that someone would know any of those three movies and not know who Christopher Guest is? As bizarre as it seems, that’s exactly like saying “From David Berman, lead singer of the Silver Jews . . .” and “From Steven Spielberg, the director of Jaws . . .” because in all three cases, the number of people who know the thing is almost exactly the same as the number of people that know the person. This form of ad copy was obviously invented for people whose work is more famous than them, for example “From Joe Johnston, director of Jumanji . . .” at which point my father would fall out of his seat in awe of the man who made Robin Williams bearable through rhino attacks. It’s simply being applied as wrongly as possible here. Some other people for whom this would not work, considering their fame is exactly the same as that of their work: Jenny Lewis, Shakespeare, Tom Cruise, Lewis Black, Mike Myers, Lars Ulrich, Flea, David Cross, me.


~ by Joshing on February 22, 2007.

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