MLK, Pimps and Hos

Here’s a dumb fella. And here’s a bad thing, A racial stereotype party. I knew this would eventually leak into the media. I went to a ‘Pimps and Hos’ party in my BU days in an unsuccessful search for alcohol and oblivion. I was shocked and disgusted at the time, and I wondered aloud how so many students in ostensibly liberal Boston could go in for this kind of thing. It was unclear to me whether or not the costumed partygoers were innocent morons or mere racists airing their usually well-concealed darker sides. What they clearly weren’t were deep thinkers about the whole concept. I wonder a little bit about the titling of the party in the article as an MLK party. Doesn’t the whole thing speak to the parallel devolution that has taken place in America since MLK died? The degenerate white college students parodying degenerate black stereotypes, it’s all very oniony (layers within layers, so to speak).


~ by Joshing on January 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “MLK, Pimps and Hos”

  1. innocent *horny* morons

    In their minds, it really has nothing to do with the degenerate stereotype it may perpetuate. It’s about seeing women wear next to nothing.

  2. So the stereotyping is just context for something completely different? It sounds like what I’ve often heard said about minstrel shows: that the characters, while broadly drawn black stereotypes, were mere vehicles for stories about ideas that had nothing to do with race.

  3. I guess. Do you think these kids throwing “Pimps and Hos” parties are really thinking past getting laid? I don’t think they’re smart enough.

  4. Yeah but Jeff, if their looking to get girls to dress scantily and act sluttily and nothing more, how come I’ve never heard of a ‘doctor party’ where the boys wear lab coats and stetoscopes and the girls dress like slutty nurses and everyone spends the whole night making lame ‘Let’s play doctor’ jokes. That would have a similar effect. The bottom line is that the context is there, for whatever reason. It could have been any theme (cops and hos, johns and hos would be a particularly interesting iteration, or how about just a ‘ho party’ where the boys dress like male prostitutes). Now to be fair, I looked up ‘pimps and hos party’ on google image search and found that a vast majority of the people attending those parties are dressing like Don ‘Majick’ Juan rather than a stereotypical black degenerate. However, in the case of this MLK party the prime theme seemed to be mocking black stereotypes, and not insightful ones like ‘African Nationalist’ or ‘Bagger Vance’. Someone was dressed like Aunt Jemima with a gun for Christ’s sake.

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